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As another reviewer notes,...
November 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
As another reviewer notes, the fabric of the inner pocket does not come up high enough for me to clip my pens to, for my fountain pens, that is. I think the designer probably had click type ballpoints and rollerballs in mind, as the ones I have are the right size for this.

However, I'm using this with mostly fountain pens anyway; when it's closed and tied up with the cord they aren't going to fall out. It holds 6 pens without any crowding, would probably hold more, and the fabric is really attractive.
This is a darkish, subdued,...
October 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a darkish, subdued, rather flat green. I like it a lot, as it's suitable for general writing and easy on the eyes when reading. As with the other Sailor Jentle inks I've tried, this web page says that it has no water resistance. In fact, I find that the water resistance is very good. A test page took a soaking without running at all, and the color just lightening a bit.
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Maybe this deserves a...
October 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
Maybe this deserves a fourth star for what it actually is, but this is not the color I thought I was getting. From the way the color swatch looks on the web page, and from the other reviewers comments, I thought this would be a dark but unmistakable red. Instead, it is much closer to a brown, with only the faintest red undertones. That's using it with a fine nibbed Vanishing Point on several different papers, including some fountain pen friendly journals and some cheaper everyday papers. When I test the water resistance, it does fairly well, leaving the letters plainly legible in black while most of the color washes away. The part that washes away looks purple.

This really is a pretty nice color, and I will use it, but it's not the red that I wanted.
I may just have found...
October 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
I may just have found my perfect purple. It's very dark, but still clearly purple except in a very dim light. I've tried it so far in a Parker 45 and a Lamy 2000, and love the rich, but sober color. It might not be right if you want something flashy, but it's exactly what I was looking for.

Also, although the listing says "water resistance: none", by my test it's very water resistant indeed. Under a heavy soaking it just blurred very slightly, but didn't run.
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I've tried this in one...
October 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
I've tried this in one of my go-to pens, a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with a fine-medium nib. This ink is a bit more subdued than I had in mind when I got it, but it's a nice enough shade. Although the specs on this site say that it's not water resistant, I found it to be very water resistant indeed. That ups my rating to four stars, otherwise it would probably be three.
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Okay, I have a new favorite...
August 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
Okay, I have a new favorite brown ink. This is a very dark brown, which could even look black if you're not paying attention. It's working beautifully in my Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and on a couple of different papers in two different journals. One pleasant surprise was the water resistance. The ink properties chart here says that the water resistance is "none", but I ran my usual test. Wrote a few lines on a scrap of printer paper, put it in the sink and ran the hot water on it hard for about thirty seconds, then took it out and let it dry out completely on a paper towel. Sometimes an ink will survive the initial soaking, but then blur to illegibility while it's drying. Not this ink. The letters bled just slightly at the edges, and the color lightened a little, but the the writing remained bold and legible.
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Honestly, you probably...
April 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
Honestly, you probably don't need a pencil that's quite this tiny. There are other mini sized pencils which will fit in a small pocket, but are thick enough to give you a little more to grab on to.

Still, this is a neat little gizmo that delivers on what it promises, and does work. I'll just add a piece of information. That ugly barcode you see in the pictures is just a label which peels off easily enough. It's not laminated on the pencil.
If you jam these onto...
March 31, 2014
Verified Purchase
If you jam these onto the cap as far as you possibly can, then they will probably stay on for a fairly long time, but if you trust them to hold a bullet Space Pen in your shirt pocket, eventually you'll be disappointed. I've had years of experience with these, and sooner or later they come off when you least expect it. I keep a bullet Space Pen in a pants pocket, and this clip is mainly useful for keeping the pen from rolling off a table if I put it down there.
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I've paid significantly...
September 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've paid significantly more than this for fountain pens, but $80 for a rollerball seemed extravagant. I talked myself into it because of the special available when I got it, a $12.50 bottle of black Monteverde ink was included. Also, I wanted one rollerball that would be easy to use with bottled ink, to give me a bit more choice.

It does work quite well, although possibly not with all inks. The first that I tried was Noodler's Bad Green Gator; the pen was writing very dry and showing a tendency to clog. I flushed it out thoroughly and refilled it with Waterman Tender Purple, which is working much better. Monteverde makes their own inks which supposedly will insure a smooth flow, but I didn't want to use the basic black that was included with it right now, or to buy their other colors while I still have plenty of ink to use up.

This is a smooth writer, not smoother than several types of gel pens that I've used, but certainly as good, and again there's that choice of ink colors. The tip seems to be about a medium, so if you want a fine line this would not be the best, but it suits me. It's a bit longer and heavier than I expected, it's comfortable to write with, but not particularly shirt pocket friendly on the basis of size, even if there were not the potential leakage problem that I've seen mentioned in other reviews. I do have pen cases.

It's reasonably attractive, with what looks like laminated carbon fiber, and with the maker's logo not too intrusive. Seems solidly built and likely to be reliable, although every now and then the pushbutton mechanism doesn't catch on the very first try.

On the whole, I won't say this provides a better writing experience than gel rollerballs costing much less, but if you can afford a bit extra up front, the filling system may provide the incentive, and refilling with bottled ink should be less expensive over the long run than buying new gel cartridges.
I like the old 0.046...
July 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I like the old 0.046 inch size lead, or 1.15 mm. You can still get old pencils and old leads in this size, and I have some, but this is the old modern one I know of. I don't know if the lead size is exactly the same, haven't tested the old leads in this pencil, or the modern Retro 51 leads in the old ones. It feels like writing with the same size, however, and the HB leads that Retro 51 sells are a good match for what I want. I use it to write, not draw, although like anyone I might doodle a bit.

It's also a very attractive pencil. The propelling mechanism works very smoothly. It has a nice heft to it without being too heavy. The enclosed leads just glide over the paper, leaving a mark that's neither too faint or too dark (in my opinion, obviously). Besides the one in the pencil there's a 12 pack of extras. Unlike other mechanical pencils you might be used to, this one only holds one lead at a time, which has to be fed in from the tip. So if you think you might be about to use up the current one, you should carry the spares with you, or a second pencil. That's the only real disadvantage I've found.

There's also a tube of 6 extra erasers, which should last a long time. The black eraser on this model erases without smudging the paper, although of course there are crumbs. The metal storage tube that came with it is too nice to throw away, I use it to hold the extra leads and erasers, and the users guide.

Probably this is the only time I'll pay $30 for a pencil, but I just like having one that is visibly nicer than the others, and I like that it uses this "old fashioned" size of lead.
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