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I have been using these...
July 23, 2014
I have been using these pens for a while. Love them sooo much.
They write very well and don't skip or dry up in between uses. Using one everyday for journaling and it will last over a month. The only fountain pens that I can use without any problems. Great price for great pens.
I'm in love! I call...
January 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm in love! I call my daypack my art locker, because it has plenty or room for all my art supplies. It has 13 pockets and several nooks and crannies to put things in. It is made with a light but very tough material. I have had mine for a month and just keep finding it new and excitting. Everyday is a new discovery of what I can put where. Some of the stuff I have in this pack I have never carried in a bag before. But with this pack there is so much space that all items can be well organized and still very balanced to carry. Unlike my old bags and packs there is no digging through everything to find what I want. Everything is easy to get to and the bag does not seem over stuffed or cluttered.
IT IS THE CADILLAC OF ALL PACKS. This is the secound review from me but I just wanted give a better review once I had put it into use for a while. To me the price of this pack is not an issue, it's well worth the money.
Looks good,. Great to carry, And holds all my stuff yep to me it's perfect.
I have always been a bag and pack addict but I finally found my one and only true love.
Lv this daypack. It...
December 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
Lv this daypack. It has lots of pockets for ALL my art supplies. No more trying to decide what to take and what I have to leave behind it all fits and is still very balanced and comfortable to carry around. Bag is made out of tough material and yet it is very light in weight.
I am a lover of backpacks and messenger bags and this wise walker is the best I have ever had. Well worth the price, def. a bargon for the quality.
Wise Walker is def. the bag for me.
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