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Reviews Written by miki.chan325

April 26, 2011
These are AMAZING! I...
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These are AMAZING! I live in a California apartment where the walls are textured and I don't want to damage the walls with scotch tape or thumb tacks, so I use these babies! I'm able to stick my 24" x 36" high quality posters on the walls with three to four of these dots at the top and bottom edges and they don't leave a trace behind when you peel it gently from the wall. To remove them fully you might need to rub and pull a bit at the elastic adhesive left behind, but once it's gone, it's like it was never there! Absolutely wonderful, I highly recommend it! I also recommend buying more than one, you'd be amazed how fast you go through them and are left wanting more!

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October 28, 2010
As a writer who goes...
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As a writer who goes through a lot of pens and a lot of regrets, this one has brightened my world. Usually I avoid ball point because it sticks and clogs up fairly quickly, but I have yet to experience these issues with this pen and I've been writing daily pages of jotted words and math problems for almost two straight months with lots of ink to go. This is truly an extraordinary pen to get! I would definitely recommend getting blue, black, and red for your next school season or writing project!

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