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I took a chance on this...
January 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
I took a chance on this pen based on it's limited reviews. So far I LOVE this pen. In the past I bought a fine nib fountain pen, and even capped it would take some "work" to get flowing again once I started using it (if I didn't use it every day for example). This pen, even at an *Extra* Fine Nib, always flows smoothly. No scratching or skipping. No 'work' to get it flowing, unless you left it uncapped for an hour without using it, then you may need to scribble a bit to get it working.

My handwriting looks better using this pen (smile). It is very small, so keep that in mind when you're considering this purchase... and it's very light - which I like because I find my hand fatigues quicker holding heavier pens. You do have to screw the cap to the end in order to use, which can be time consuming... so not my go to pen for a quick jot when the phone rings. However, keeping it uncapped and poised in a meeting works wonderfully.

I also ordered the Purple ink (which I will likely also review separately) and it's the ideal shade. It has black undertones and is simple, understated, yet different. Not "girly highschool note" different, just distinguished.

Overall, it's a great pen and I'm very happy with this purchase!
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