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Reviews Written by koreangirl1997

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Copic Comic Drawing Pen with Waterproof Ink - 0.1 mm - Black - COPIC F01DP
  I've had the pen for..., January 30, 2014
I've had the pen for about 12 days now and it's out of ink. i will be buying a new one but the ink didn't really last for that long and im not someone who inks a lot or uses it for writing most of the time.

Rotring Drafting Pencil Eraser Refill - 500 or 600 - Pack of 3 - ROTRING R502720
  These are life savers..., January 18, 2014
These are life savers when you run to the nub of the original eraser in the pencil. Like the comment above says they are the same as the ones that come in the pencil. There are enough to keep to supplied for awhile unless you erase a lot. You also don't have to keep the metal part of the old eraser which i love.
Rotring Tikky Hi-Polymer Pencil Lead - 0.35 mm - HB - SANFORD S0312410
  Tends to break easily..., January 18, 2014
Tends to break easily since the lead is so thin. But i use it all the time since i like the way it draws and looks. I use it with the rotring 600 and I am perfectly content.
Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.35 mm - Silver Body - ROTRING 502613
  I have both the black..., January 18, 2014
I have both the black and silver versions of this pencil. I use them for drawing and writing. I like the weight of the pencil but many of the people who ask to see it find it too heavy. Even though it is heavy it is balanced and you get used to the weight. Although I love using the thin lead I find that it breaks often even when you don’t press too hard. I still use them but sometimes the lead doesn’t come out of the pencil no matter how many times I click the top. I haven’t dropped or handled roughly and I don’t know why this happens. These are my go to pencils I use them everyday and I love them. You can get such thin lines and not only do they work well they look good. The grip looks a bit like it won’t feel good but I’ve drawn for hours straight with out it slipping or hurting my fingers. Also jet pen as all the things you need to refill or fix it (if the tip breaks or you run out of lead or eraser) I've read in the comments that some people are worried about the thin tip and it doesn't retract like the later versions but if that were happen you can always replace it. It is a tad expensive but i've had mine for more than a year and they're hanging in. I do tend to use the silver body more that's why the review is on it.
Copic Comic Drawing Pen with Waterproof Ink - 0.1 mm - Black - COPIC F01DP
  I’ve been testing out..., January 18, 2014
I’ve been testing out this pen today in my sketchbook and although I really do love the pen it has many faults. I don’t mind them but other might.

The pros: The pen is very fine but you can get the line to vary a bit in size. It is very good for detail as long as you are careful. (If you aren’t used to “fountain” pens you might not want to start off inking something you really like until you can control the pen a bit more.) With this pen you can be very loose and at the same time sharp. The lines van curve beautifully without any trouble. So far I haven’t gotten any blots from the ink and the color of my pen is a nice dark color. I like the look of the pen and it fits in my hand well. This is nice to have instead of carrying around and ink jar nibs and the handle for inking things oh course it’s a bit different but it’s really up to the personal preference.

The cons: The pen started off very scratchy and no ink came out until a bit of awkward waiting (since you can’t shake the pen) I first started with writing to test it out and the ink just did not flow right (so I recommend drawing lines on a scrap paper until the ink starts to flow.) Sometimes I noticed paper or clotting at the end of the nib, which was easy enough to get rid of (this was without putting to much pressure on the pen.) Another fault is if you try to erase if you are inking the pen can smudge even after a few minutes and even if its just a line. Also unlike the copic Multiliner (depending on the version) you can’t refill these or replace he nib.
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