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Reviews Written by kvnngo20

September 14, 2013
I have the tank master,...
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I have the tank master, the soft pack and the regular maru nibs. These are bigger but they are more flexible for sure then the other maru type. Both can create nice thin lines, it's just the other one requires more pressure to get the ink flowing. The tank master looks exactly like the other version except it has a small reservoir.

July 26, 2013
I thought this was going...
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I thought this was going to be a lot bigger and I wish it was (I like it that way) but is isn't. Not a big deal though. The cap can fit in the back like in the picture but beware that it is not secured it is a loose fit. The cap fits tightly on top where the nib is though. Warning: Don't leave your nib in this holder just because you have a cap. Clean your nib first and dry them then you can put it in there for travel and security if you want. What I like about the rubber holder is that it is secure and you can still take the nib out for cleaning. Unlike my old holder which was plastic I think the nib was stuck there and hard to remove. Even though I cleaned the tip started to rust at the part where I couldn't pull out

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July 26, 2013
Oh my goodness! Just...
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Oh my goodness! Just buy these! To me these nibs rival the g pen. These nibs are kind of special. Even if you dip it and have it touch the paper the ink won't come out and no lines will be made unless you apply pressure. These nibs are hard. At first I wasn't sure how these nibs would be but it is such a great product. The hardness allows you to create very CONTROLLED fine lines. It can do those small fine details. In fact you can use them over the g pen to ink the main parts if you wanted, the g pen have more line variation though since it's more flexible. These do have great line variation too but it just doesn't get as thick which is perfect. It gives such perfect lines and can get thinner than a single strand of hair. Flexible nibs are harder to control while for these it's easy to master. Don't get me wrong though flexible nibs are a must! They can do everything if you have the mastery and control.

However, these nibs aren't perfect. The good thing about them is that you can press hard allowing you to make smooth controlled fine lines to small gray lines. But it can be hard to start with the thinnest line possible at times because of the amount of pressure you have to put on these hard nibs to bring out a line. But I say practice. Also, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that because of the hardness it cannot make fast strokes. It cannot do fast and concise crosshatching. The lines will get broken and inconsistent. I would NOT use these for cross hatching. But that's what not these are for. It's about slow, controlled and elegant line character. You can cross hatch but it will be difficult. I'm suspecting the soft version of these nibs will be able to do the fast concise strokes. I haven't got them yet but I will definitely get those in the future. I had to give these nibs a good review. These are a must for me now and I thank Tachikawa.

One last thing. I can see these nibs getting bad reviews in the future because people can't use these nibs correctly. You use strokes, it's not a pen and it doesn't have 360 degree motion. You need pressure, it's not a flexible nib you can't just fling it around. Don't go up unless you point it upside down or turn the paper. Keep that in mind and it can create the longest smooth controlled line ever. Btw, I was using these on regular line paper and the paper was fine. All fine nibs catch the paper a little bit including the g pen. I must add these had better line character and ink flow then the crow quill nib I got from speedball. I hoped this helped you. I just want to help out a product that has helped me.

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