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Reviews Written by jurban1982

December 15, 2014
I am a 3rd grade teacher...
Verified Purchase
I am a 3rd grade teacher & have been using these pens for many years now. They are amazing! They wrote beautifully, the colors are vibrant, and they erase very well. If you are on the fence about buying these, get them! You will never use another pen again after trying these! Furthermore, my students think they are the coolest thing since sliced bread, and have asked me to give them the info. So their parents can buy them some. A former student was in my room today and asked me for the info. A second year in a row because she loves the so much (she says she wants the 24 pack for Christmas because another former student has them and she wants the same colors she has). The kids like them so much that about 5-6 of them ordered them last year. I even caught one student taking notes in math with them and she told me she color coded the notes to match the colors I used on our smart board. The best part is that they werent even required to take notes, but she loved the pens so much that she couldn't resist! I know it seems silly for someone to rattle on so much about a silly pen, but these pens are worth it. In addition, my colleagues really enjoyed using mine, so I started gifting then & they were a huge hit. It makes keeping me grade book note and color coded very easy. The only downside to these pens is that they do not sell them in stores in the US (only available online here). But that's fine with me, as long as this teacher can get her pen fix. Happy writing everyone! PS sorry for the typos but I write neater with my pens than I do with my smart phone :-)

August 26, 2010
These are the best pens...
Verified Purchase
These are the best pens ever! I am a teacher, and have been using them for the past 2 years! The colors really are bright, and they erase very well leaving no dust behind...please, please, please continue shipping these pens to the US. They make teaching so much easier, and let's face it, us teachers can use all the help we can get! ;-)

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