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Reviews Written by celadontea

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Uni Propus Window Double-Sided Highlighter Pen - 4.0 mm / 0.6 mm Twin Tip - Pink - UNI PUS102T.13
  I didn't buy it from..., November 21, 2009
I didn't buy it from here, but it does beat the price I bought it at so I will review it here. This is hands down the best highlighter I have ever used. I have them in all colors. It can do a fine point, and on the large side you wont go off and highlight something you didn't want to because of the window. It looks so cool too, everyone asks where I got it. I'm a little confused as to how to refill it, but so far it hasn't run out of ink and I've had it for a while.
Tombow Mono Knock 3.8 Eraser - Pink Body - TOMBOW EH-KE80
  Very cute pink eraser!..., November 21, 2009
Very cute pink eraser! I was happy to find something that I have used years ago, the dark blue and black eraser pens that you click up with notches, in an adorable pink color. Instead of notches you simply click it like a retractable pen and it comes out in increments. I tried erasing some things and it works pretty good. I don't like to wear down the erasers on my pens so I find it just what I was looking for.
Zebra Techno Line Ballpoint Pen - 0.4 mm - Light Green Body - ZEBRA BAS2-LG
  I bought this pen looking..., November 21, 2009
I bought this pen looking for one of the smallest mm sizes possible. This one does the trick ! I wish the pink one was in stock, but I settled for this color. Writes in dark, black ink. The lines are crisp and thin, just what I was looking for. So far the ink comes out fairly smooth. I also bought a refill knowing that I will be using this often.
Zebra Minna Mini Ballpoint Pen with Japanese Print - 0.7 mm - Pink Cap - ZEBRA BA26-P
  Even though I saw it..., November 21, 2009
Even though I saw it next to the quarter, the idea of how small this pen simply did not register in my mind. It is very tiny ! However, it is a very beautiful pen. I am somewhat disappointed, but at the same time I have an elegant pen that can fit into any makeup bag, clutch, etc when need be. I tried writing a few sentences with it and it cramps my hand pretty fast. I will keep this as my elegant emergency pen. The paper design in the center is what really gives this pen it's beauty as well as the colorful metal finish. All in all, this pen is very novelty.
Pilot AirBlanc Mechanical Pencil - 0.3 mm - Pink - PILOT HA-20R3-P
  Really awesome 0.3 mm..., November 21, 2009
Really awesome 0.3 mm pencil. When I looked at my school's bookstore I found really utilitarian drafting style pencils between the prices of 5-10 $. This one is such a good price at 3$. I am taking a Japanese class and 0.3mm is really perfect for writing small Chinese and Japanese characters. The lines come out smooth, thin and don't blend into each other, especially when I have a small space to write in. I believe it will help my penmanship, in which I am graded on in my classes. My favorite part is that it is so cute with soft colors, I even bought the green one. Arrived in one day after they sent it. Thank you JetPens, I am happy.
1 to 5 (of 5 )