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Reviews Written by aikoekadan

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Sakura Pigma Brush Pen - Brown Ink - SAKURA XSDK-BR-12
  I really like this pen...., February 26, 2011
I really like this pen. The ink is a pleasant, slightly reddish color. It writes smoothly and cleanly, and it's very easy to control the width of your line with a little practice.
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen - Size 005 - 0.2 mm - Black - SAKURA XSDK005-49
  I've used these pens..., February 26, 2011
I've used these pens for years and always found them to be an excellent buy. The ink is smooth, crisp, and dark. However, if you press too hard, the tip will push into the barrel, so these need to be used with only light pressure.
Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen Body - Sky Blue - KURETAKE LPC-07S
  It's definitely cute,..., February 25, 2011
It's definitely cute, but unnecessary. The way I hold a pen, I'm not even touching the body at all. Love how it looks, but not very useful.
Kuretake No. 14 Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - KURETAKE DR150-14B
  I'm rather torn about..., February 25, 2011
I'm rather torn about this pen. I really love the feel of the tip against the paper--it's very responsive, and reminiscent of an actual brush. The ink leaves something to be desired. Writing quickly makes the ink streak a bit, but not nearly as much as the Kuretake disposable sign pen. Writing slowly and carefully, while it fixes the streaking problem, also makes the edges of the text bleed a bit. It's not incredibly noticeable--you have to look closely--but for someone like me who prefers crisp, clean lines in their kanji, it's irritating. I would still recommend this over the disposable sign pen.
Zebra Disposable Brush Pen - Super Fine - ZEBRA WFSS4
  This pen has a sturdy..., February 25, 2011
This pen has a sturdy tip that doesn't get bent out of shape. The ink is dark and smooth, and doesn't streak at all. I found it to be superior to the Kuretake disposable sign pen, and you can't beat the price!
Kuretake Disposable Pocket Double Sided Brush Pen - Fine & Medium - KURETAKE TSF1-10
  Both tips on this pen..., February 25, 2011
Both tips on this pen are very sturdy and don't get bent out of shape. However, the ink is a bit dry, especially on the medium tip. The fine tip was manageable, but the medium tip was very dry if I wrote with any sort of speed. Additionally, the ink is NOT waterproof. If you're looking for a fine-tip sign pen, I would go with the Zebra one instead.
Kuretake Fudebiyori Pocket Color Brush Pen - Scarlet Red - KURETAKE CBK-55-023S
  This pen has very vibrant..., February 25, 2011
This pen has very vibrant color and doesn't bleed through at all. Very thick lines, but can draw thinner lines with a little practice. As with most brush pens, the tip becomes a bit soft with repeated use, but it's nowhere near as bad as some other pens I have.
1 to 7 (of 7 )