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Reviews Written by gergranada

August 18, 2012
Upgrade the refill! Cute...
Upgrade the refill! Cute pen, but the ballpoint refill that comes with the pen is atrocious in that it skips and requires all sorts of pressure to lay down a straight, solid line of ink. I agree with Jetpens' recommendation to upgrade the refill to a Sharbo or Pilot D-1. However, the D-1 mini refills do not last long, given their very small size - which can run out while taking copious notes. The Kaweco rollerball is the more economical choice, given its greater versatility in being able to use rollerball, ballpoint or even G-2 refills, while maintaining its excellent portability due to its equally small size.

August 18, 2012
This pen will also take...
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This pen will also take the Pilot G-2 refills! All you have to do is cut the Pilot refill down to size - I lined up the Pilot refill next to the Kaweco refill that came with the pen and simply cut off the excess plastic and voila! Although the Kaweco liquid roller is excellent in terms of ink flow, smoothness and color, I am a huge fan of the Pilot G2 gel ink, which is a less expensive alternative to the Kaweco refills.

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August 4, 2012
Great, little pen! Excellent...
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Great, little pen! Excellent writing instrument that you can carry with you in your pants pocket or wherever space is limited. The roller writes very smoothly with no skipping or bleeding. You might consider buying the clip if you plan on carrying this in a suit coat/shirt pocket. Don't be fooled by its diminutive size. When you open the pen and post the cap on the back, it fits nicely in your hand. It also pais nicely with the matching fountain pen and the black leather case.

February 22, 2010
Excellent pen for Dr....
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Excellent pen for Dr. Grip fans. The pens write very smoothly (almost like gel or rollerball pens) and the pencil is very convenient. The clip is big enough to attach the pen to my Moleskine. The eraser cap screws on, which is will help avoid losing it. Its weight, width and the Dr. Grip design make it very comfortable to write with. Love its funky design as well (reminds me of Zoltar from Battle of the Planets).

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