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This pencil is very light...
December 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pencil is very light due to it being plastic surrounded by a veneer of real wood. The metal is of the frosted variety you see on cheap jewelry, except for the clip. You can tell this by looking at the plunger in the sample pictures here.

The pencil makes noise as you write, not from the writing tip, but due to the plunger being able to wobble back and forth. This isn't lead shifting, as gravity keeps it on one side of the lead holder, the plunger is able to make noise when the pencil is gently shaken at any angle.

Due to the two 5 star reviews here, I bought this. I am really disappointed. I cannot recommend this.

Wish I could edit my...
November 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
Wish I could edit my other review, Style Fit does make a nicer looking body. I'll probably buy it. :D

This thing is still cheap though. Feh!
This is a review for...
November 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a review for the pen body only. Those who say it writes smoothly, well, it doesn't write unless you put something in it. Though this is the only build-a-multi with a 1 mm ballpoint, which is smooth btw.

Two stars? This is some cheap stuff. Cheap feeling and cheap looking.

That's it, my whole review. If you want a cheap looking body, here it is. Unfortunately, Style Fit isn't making anything better at this point. If they were, I'd move my inserts over and enjoy them. But, nope, I can't use this cheap thing.
It's a good basic, fun...
October 23, 2011
Verified Purchase
It's a good basic, fun pencil that looks like a wood pencil. For the price, it's the perfect thing to get to bump you into free shipping.

To summarize the long "how to load it" post before mine:
1. unscrew the back.
2. Put a lead into the chamber.
3. Screw the back on. This'll push the lead into the tip.
4. Write or just press on some paper until the lead gets down there.

Good pen. Mucho recommended, especially to get the free ship. Not my main pencil though. :D
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My favorite pencil. I'm...
April 4, 2011
My favorite pencil. I'm amazed it works as well as it does.

Note: To do its trick it needs either harder lead, a light touch, or for the pencil to be picked up. But only one of these. Example: If drawing a two foot line with soft lead, the lead might flatten out, or even with harder lead if the pencil is pushed down with much pressure.

If you don't have one, get one. Heck, if you're at Jetpens you have a collection anyhow probably.
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1. You refill the lead...
April 4, 2011
1. You refill the lead by unscrewing the ferrule and taking a lead out of the container and putting it into the barrel. With the cap back on the lead container, put the pencil back together and the containers concave tip will push the lead into the holder.

2. I don't find this scratchy at all and don't have a mental hangup about seeing a mm of lead sticking out. My gripe is that it only comes in 0.7mm. I'm used to using the Kuro Toga 0.5 that rotates the lead. This pencil is for a thick, casual line, for large note taking, this isn't for something you'd give to someone else. I love the look and will buy more if they get a 0.5 or smaller.
In response to IDriveAJeed,...
October 20, 2009
In response to IDriveAJeed, the description clearly states, "The mechanical pencil is pre-filled with Uni-ball NanoDia Low-Wear pencil leads." Plural.

And now we are both guilty of writing a review for a product we don't own. Though I'm here to buy one not just complain without reading the descrip.
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