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I ordered this exact...
August 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
I ordered this exact Pilot Prera from JetPens.
1) The order was shipped extremely quickly; it arrived via USPS (first class) within 2 days.
2) I am very happy with the speed with which the order was fullfilled and shipped.

Previously, I ordered an Ohto Tasche and found that it skipped a lot. However, this pen is a dream to write. I am simply amazed at how well the ink flows.

1) The length of the body is not as long as I'd like; I feel the need to use the cap on the end to give it the required length and "balance".
2) The Fine Nib is extremely _nice_. It draws fine lines, and characters come out in a flourish. Those of you who grew up writing with fountain pens will appreciate the quality of a fine line that comes out of a well made pen.
3) The cartridge fits quite well (snug fit)
4) I have used other fountain pens - Ohto Tasche, Waterman and Parker. This one is hands down the _best_ fountain pen I have ever used.

I highly recommend this particular fountain pen.
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