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This is quite possibly...
April 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is quite possibly the best pen I've written with. When I see interesting pens, I usually buy one just to place it in my writeability list. I have a very fluid writing style halfway between 'elegant' and 'unreadable,' so I'm always looking for that one smooth, dynamic, heavy ink pen. Too thin a line, too scratchy, or too much bleed, and the charm goes away.

This guy is perfect. It looks great, and it's light but with enough weight that when I'm swinging it around (as much as one does when writing as I do) it swings with me. Like I'm not going to lose my rhythm because I put a letter down too quickly. The ink is dark, solid, and a good thick line. A man's line. A line to be proud of. The ceramic ball is new to me, but I could tell the difference as soon as I started writing. It doesn't matter if I'm scribbling furiously or lightly taking notes - the line's the same.

The only problem I've run into is that the cap doesn't sit as well when you're writing. I've taken to just leaving it off, but the main body of the pen is kind of short. Not so short that it's unusable, but because of the tapered end, it feels like it's going to slip into my palm. It won't; I'll get used to it - it's just something I've noticed.
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