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Reviews Written by mrsdrc

April 25, 2008
I fell in love the moment...
Verified Purchase
I fell in love the moment I used this pen. When I could no longer find them in the stores thankfully I found JetPens and was thrilled at the color selection...I've developed a "thing" for orange ink.

This pen is very comfortable in the hand. The flow is smooth and I've never had a skipping problem. I do believe you kinda need a light hand with such a fine point. I had several customers complain it wouldnt work, but when I told them to write lightly it was perfect...even had customers try to buy it off me right at the register!

I love the clicky (retractable) and will keep using this pen as long as JetPens sells them!

April 25, 2008
This is my favorite pen!...
Verified Purchase
This is my favorite pen! Smooth line, never skips. You do need a light hand to use this fine of a tip. I drive people I work with nuts with my super fine point pens. I've used the black, blue, orange, green and purple slicci 0.25's and only had trouble with the purples. The rest are my tried and true go-to pens for everyday and everything.

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April 25, 2008
I love the slicci's but...
I love the slicci's but I've never had a Purple one that worked well. I've used, green, black, orange, blue and purple. The purple is the ONLY one that gave me any trouble. They all would skip, it was difficult to write, as if the ball point was pushed in.

If you like a really fine line, try the slicci just maybe not purple.

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