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Worked like a charm! I...
July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
Worked like a charm!

I bought this in conjunction with an Ohto Dude fountain pen and RIGHT out of the box it worked perfectly.

This is the very first converter I've used in a fountain pen and I found it to be very easy to use. I had absolutely no issues with filling it and I have come across no problems after using it so far for several days.

Highly recommended for specific Ohto products!

(Several other Ohto pens will not accept converters, so some research is in order if you are looking to buy!)
Pen? Marker? I have...
July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
Pen? Marker?

I have to say that this box of "pens" is a great deal. Since you can basically get 2 for 1 at the current sale price, I didn't feel guilty throwing 2 boxes into my shopping cart.

I was interested in these pens due to the overwhelming request to have them restocked by JetPens. When they came back in, I decided to give them a whirl.

While they are a bit different than I expected (Are they pens? Are they markers?) I was happy to give them out to coworkers because they are affordable (at the time I write this).

Clearly there is a theme here - I would, as a US shopper, consider these markers, not pens. The tip is very wide compared to other sign pens I've purchased, and the ink is similar to something seen in say, a Crayola marker. As the box says, these are water based, and I know that if I spilled anything on the ink, that it would run like crazy.

The black ink is not black-black, and I suppose that is due to the formulation of the water based ink and the fairly wide "felty" tip. Despite the box's insisting that that there are "vivid and various ink colors", I did not find the ink to be very vivid. Although, I'm not quite sure HOW vivid black ink can be...

Regardless, there are clearly some fans of this pen. It may not have been up my alley, in the end, but I know that I won't run out of them anytime soon as I now have 22 of them easily within my grasp.
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Excellent little pen! I...
July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
Excellent little pen!

I have been avidly searching for a porous tipped pen similar to one I lifted from my grandma's house years ago and this one definitely fits the bill.

Superb line, very black, and super affordable!

This pen has zero bleed through, no squeakiness, and much smoother than say, a Paper Mate Flair. (A pen I feel most US shoppers will be familiar with in this same porous tipped category.)

I'll probably throw in at least 1 or 2 of these into future orders as they are a great buy for the money!
A newbie's option on...
July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
A newbie's option on this ink:

For my first foray into using a fountain pen converter I chose this ink as I felt it would be functional for work and yet different enough in shade that I would have some fun with it as well. I basically did not want to buy a fuchsia pink color that would only be suitable in specific circumstances.

I have not been disappointed with this ink at all. It is my initial run through with ink however, so I am not sure if that is just a newbie's opinion.

This shade is slightly different than the eyedropper swatch available. I thought that the swatch showed a bit of shading and that the ink was a bit more blue. There is almost no shading and the color is what I am thinking is a grey-blue, perhaps even gunmetal blue.

I do really like it and I am glad I chose this shade for my first go around! I am having a lot of fun with it so far.
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Wow! What a great pen!...
July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase
Wow! What a great pen!

After taking baby steps in the fountain pen realm (Preppy, Petit1, Sailor Ink Bar, etc.) I decided to go after a more substantial model that I could try out a converter with. I went with the Dude over a Lamy because I liked that this pen was metal and looked a bit more fancy than a Lamy.

I have not been disappointed at all! To demonstrate my new pen and converter to my coworker, I filled it lickety-split right at my desk with no issues (it was my first time EVER using a converter) and the pen wrote beautifully right away. I have likewise been drawing and writing with it for several days and have had absolutely zero problems with ink flow. Since I am using a converter, I am also not worried about using up my ink reserves in cartridges because I know I have a whole bottle of ink at my disposal that I can fill whenever I want! (I am using Diamine ink for my initial converter go around.)

The metal body is definitely more weighty than any of the other plastic fountain pens I own and have tried, but I LIKE that. The pen feels solid and even better, it feels and looks way more expensive than it is.

As the other reviewer noticed, the cap IS very difficult at first to pull off. I have however, gotten a bit used to it and feel comforted by the effort it takes. I know that the cap won't pop off in my bag or pen case.

For the first reviewer of this pen - I suspect that you have not actually engaged your cartridge with the nib. You have to physically push the cartridge onto the mechanism to get the ink to flow. Take one of the cartridges and PUSH it into the feed and you will feel it puncture. Twist it slightly to be sure it's attached firmly and you should soon be able to write.

Most pens that use a short cartridge do so to enable you to carry an extra cartridge inside the body of your pen in case the one you are using runs out. That's why they are both rattling about inside your pen: neither of them is actually in use.
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I absolutely the black...
June 28, 2012
Verified Purchase
I absolutely the black Marvy LePen and so I decided to branch out to a few different colors. I order the Amethyst, Teal, and this, Oriental Blue. All of them are equally good in regards to performance but this COLOR is by far my favorite. I haven't really experienced other blues this shade, so I was intrigued enough to buy it.

It's almost a dark teal shade which is beautiful for writing or drawing (as I used it).

For the price it's a great deal - give it a shot!
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Purchased this on the...
April 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
Purchased this on the styling of the barrel alone and I'm glad I did!

This pen is fatter than most ballpoints I've used and the pink coloring on the barrel is fun.

Writes similarly to an RSVP style ballpoint - thin line and all.

Why o why did I not find...
April 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
Why o why did I not find this pen earlier?

It has AMAZING ink.

Seriously - writes as smoothly as a ballpoint but with the dark color and consistency of a gel pen.

Such a great price for this pen!

I love the turquoise barrel as well.

Great buy!
Lovely little note pad! The...
April 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
Lovely little note pad!

The covers of these are not matte - in fact, they have a wonderful pearly sheen to them that makes them all the better.

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Straight off - I have...
April 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
Straight off - I have 2 of these because I love them so much!

I really wish that there were more color options available because I'd probably buy them too!

This is an adorable little case - has room to fit TONS of pens/pencils, etc.

I use the bottom pocket to carry fountain pen refills, knock eraser refills, and a Midori Memorandum Card.

This would also suffice as a cute little purse - although I wouldn't know what to do with all of my pens if I used it for that purpose.

I had been carrying it about for several weeks inside another bag of mine and I had found that the wine colored fabric had started to pill a little bit. I trimmed the pilling down and have taken better care of it. So far and haven't seen the pilling problem pop up again. I definitely expect this to show a bit of wear and tear for how much I use it, but I didn't want it to start looking "used" so quickly!

So cute! If you are thinking about buying one, I suggest you do it as it appears I am likely to buy another if I give myself the chance.
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