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Reviews Written by david

October 25, 2014
This marker is much better...
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This marker is much better for writing on slick plastic surfaces than a black Sharpie. It dries quickly and does not smear if you run a finger over it.

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April 20, 2012
I liked this pencil much...
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I liked this pencil much better than I was expecting. I bought it because I wanted a 0.9 mm pencil at my desk for the times that a thick line is needed. I did not expect to use it much. But this pencil is very comfortable to hold, well balanced, and solidly built. Not bad for $2.50. The body has a rubberized texture that is very easy on the fingers. I find myself using it regularly for quick notes and the like. The size of this pencil is essentially the same as a traditional wooden pencil.

March 6, 2012
This is an excellent...
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This is an excellent pocket pen. It feels sturdy and has some weight to it like a quality full-size pen. The sliding mechanism that extends the pen and exposes the tip works smoothly and can be operated with one hand when the situation calls for it. It uses Zebra's F type refills which are readily available in many stores. The ink is not as good as Zebra's Surari emulsion ink, but still better than your average ballpoint pen ink.

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