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Reviews Written by l.hanneman

December 29, 2013
More of an apple green...
Verified Purchase
More of an apple green than what's shown in the picture (it may be my monitor), but just think of the color of a sour apple Jolly Rancher.

Very durable and has stiff shape that really holds up. The inside is described perfectly by the pictures, though things in the open back pocket do have a tendency to move around and don't always lie flat in transit. Pretty much holds everything described. Currently, I have about 6 mechanical pencils and 14 pens of various shapes and sizes in the case, as well as various erasers and lead refills. It also holds my small calculator. I have stuffed it to capacity and it holds everything while maintaining its shape. My favorite thing about it is the way it holds my mechanical pencils so I am not afraid of being randomly stabbed.

I have not tested it for water resistance, so throw in a pool at your own risk.

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December 29, 2013
This is a great mechanical...
Verified Purchase
This is a great mechanical pencil. The tip fully recedes into the body, which means you can carry it in your pocket without fear of puncturing your thigh when you sit down, and the body is durable enough to survive with little damage or wear in my case where it was rubbing up against my favorite knurled mechanical pencils (which can destroy the finish on anything). This pencil is about an inch shorter than anything else I own (so not for big hands), but the front end is nicely weighted to prevent fatigue.

The only reason I am giving this four stars instead of five is due to the very smooth grip that is very hard to hold continuously for long periods of time, and the weird texture change from the black barrel to the silver tip, which is (at least on mine) bumpy rather than smooth.

Summary: excellent if you want a lighter mechanical pencil for pocket carry and hate textured grips.

December 29, 2013
Compared to the regular...
Verified Purchase
Compared to the regular Hi-Tec-C pen, this feels better in the hand (at least to me) but the ink and the sizing is apparently the same as the regular pen. There is no clip to attach it to something, but there is a little plastic nub on the cap that keeps it from rolling off the desk.

Summary: Hi-Tec-C greatness in a lovely, stylish package.

December 29, 2013
Works excellent at erasing...
Verified Purchase
Works excellent at erasing marks without damaging paper. Not as soft as the Boxy, but does perform as advertised with very little dust, and the dust that comes off is very small (easy to brush away). Small with a good value. I use these with HB lead exclusively so can't speak for other lead grades.

December 29, 2013
Excellent eraser for...
Verified Purchase
Excellent eraser for regular HB lead (I only use mechanical pencils). This eraser is very soft (compared to the Ain Black, or a regular eraser) and the dust tends to clump together in big strings. Other than that, great purchase for everyday use.

December 29, 2013
I use this for engineering,...
Verified Purchase
I use this for engineering, which means I don't write continuously (as you might when you are taking notes or writing a letter) so the auto rotation feature is not as smooth as it might be when you do write without long pauses. But comparing this to my other, non-rotational pencils, the difference in smoothness of line and the rounding of the sharp lead end that can develop is phenomenal.

Because the line produced is smoother, it is easier to erase markings.

The writing mechanism is not as springy as I thought it would be from the other reviews. It feels very solid when you are writing, less so for drawing without picking up the pencil.

I have never had the lead break off, even when extended very far.

There are special leads developed for the pencil that are twice as expensive as regular leads, but in my limited couple hundred hours of experience there is not a big difference in everyday use.

The pencil is weighted toward the tip nicely, and the grip has enough texture not to slip around too much. I am a big fan off the textured grip of the Rotering type mechanical pencils, and this has just enough texture to keep it in place in your hand.

Also, the rotational mechanism does not advance the lead, but because it uses the lead more evenly, you advance it less often.