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I still have my first...
May 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I still have my first Zebra Expandz pen.

Since I've always carried pens in my trouser pants pocket, I've often lost them or run them through the washing machine. With the Zebra this doesn't happen. It's small enough and heavy enough to stay in the bottom of my pocket, especially when sitting and (being quite tall) my knees lift above chair level which has led to other lighter pens falling out. Also, it's an unusual pen, so not to be confused with more common pens, ownership of which can be confusing.

It's not an excuse for a 'collapsible' pen. Extended, the leverage and heft make it feel even better than your average lightweight pen. Using standard refills is also a plus.

A wonderful pen. Some of the paint is wearing off, giving the pen a wonderful well-used, burnished look.

It can be hilarious when friends ask to borrow a pen. Adults take a while to figure out how to open it. Kids get it faster.

Please keep making this pen. It's a wonderful stocking stuffer, too.

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