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  My second review of this..., August 26, 2011
My second review of this product and much more thorough examination. I have this pair and the smaller handled pair in orange and I have found this item to be highly superior. Starting with the construction. The scissors with the smaller handle seen to much weaker. The handle cracked a fell apart after only a few uses (I have glued it together many times since). While this pair has not been so frail and to date has not even one slight crack. This pair has seemed sharper as well. The blades cut with s clean feeling, nice and smooth whereas the other type seemed rough and not such a nice experience when cutting. I can say this has to be my favorite pair of scissors I have used. For a few cents less it is a no brainer which pair I would suggest to purchase. Although the one downfall is the color selection, I believe pink is the only color this exact style comes in.
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