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  This notebook is my first..., September 26, 2011
This notebook is my first experience with Mnemosyne, and I must say that this is THE BEST writing experience I've had in my entire life, which is over 50 years and counting! I absolutely love the smoothness and thickness of the paper. I use Namiki Decimo and several of the older Namiki fountain pens from the 60's and 70's era of Vanishing Point pens - all with fine nibs because that's my preference. I don't own any bold tips on any writing instrument, so I cannot speak to the paper's performance when a lot of ink flows onto the paper with each pen stroke. However, I've also taken copious notes by hand using a 0.5 and 0.7 mm ballpoint, liquid ink, gel ink, and roller ball ink pens; and I've never experienced anything close to bleed-through, skipping, or smearing yet. Of course, I believe I could definitely cause smearing to happen if I tried, but I doubt I'll ever feel compelled to do so. I should say that I'm right handed, so lefties may be more likely to have problems with smearing, depending on whether they 'hook' over the writing surface or not. This notebook is very classy and professional in appearance, and many people ask me about it and where to buy. When not on special discount pricing, an individual B5 notebook is extremely pricey, in my opinion. I'll like get in trouble, but I've found a much, much better price elsewhere. I will continue buying this notebook because it's the perfect size and quality that makes handwriting such a pleasure for me.
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