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  I really wanted to like..., October 5, 2011
I really wanted to like this pencil but just could not stand the grip area which I found to be slippery even though it had not so abrasive grip area. I held it in hand for less than a minute and I knew I would not be able to use it due to the grip area. It has a nice heft and feels nice in hand with perfect length but the grip area is just not for me. If the pencil had same shape (octagonal) from top to all the way where the tip is, then it would be superb as I prefer pencils that are octagonal which itself makes them good grippers. But, there are few mechanical pencils at decent quality in that shape.

So, this pencil may be a 5 star if you do not mind the grip area, but that is not me (even though I tried) thus a 3 star from me, pure subjective.

In ending, I much more prefer the Platinum Pro-Use II 05 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm pencil found here on Jetpens. It has incredible groove grip area, all metal and is non-slippery. I had to get me another one and will get one more in the future for backup.

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