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   The Rotring 500..., November 4, 2011
The Rotring 500 is an excellent Drafting pencil for drafters. The lead indicator holds firmly, ( Unless you use it frequently, as the friction will loosen the indicator.) Obviously, as the 4mm lead sleeve is very fragile, extreme care is required, or else a little drop will ruin your pencil. The factory lead is nice & dark, wears fairly nice, and doesn't smudge (Great if you're a lefty). If you're going to bring the Rotring 500 to a public place, don't flash your pencil to other people, unless you do want attention from people( " peasants " ) using cheap mechanical pencils. The looks of the 500 & the 600 is very similar in the design. The Rotring 500's eraser works decently, however as with most drafting pencils, the erasers are for well... minuscule mistakes, not for erasing an entire essay, or paragraph; for those duties, I use separate block erasers.

One negative/annoying feature of the Rotring 500 , as "henrylouis16" stated, is that the grip of the Rotring 500 seems to attract particles. ex. Skin cells, dirt, eraser shreds, etc. The particles will make your Rotring 500 a little bit dirty, however the grip has good traction and isn't rough, unlike other knurled grip that makes your fingers hurt after hours of use.

The weight of the Rotring 500 isn't heavy , but it is pretty substantial, especially when you compare the weight to the Pentel Graph 1000 for pro,(which is a feather compared to Rotring 500). If you do want something heavier, I'd recommend the Staedtler 925-03, Rotring 600, & Pentel Graph Gear 1000 .

If you want something durable, reliable, fancy, entertaining to stare at when you're bored,and are willing to take care of your Rotring 500, I'd highly recommend the Rotring 500. If you're looking for something cheap, extremely expensive, light, very heavy, jewelry, or easily breakable, then I'd not recommend the Rotring 500. That being said, the tip is still fragile, and needs some care.
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