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  I'm relatively new to..., November 7, 2011
I'm relatively new to fountain pens in general and am used to writing with gel (Signo 207) or liquid ink pens (Pilot V5) typically in .5mm, but have recently switched to the .38mm. My goal was to find a fountain pen that wrote in a thinner line compared to my Lamy Al-Star Safari in EF. I did some side-by-side comparison lines with a .5mm Pilot V5 (liquid ink), .38mm Signo 207 gel ink, Lamy Al-Star Safari w/EF nib and the Pilot Penmanship in EF. The results are as follows...the Lamy appeared to be just the tiniest bit wider than the .5mm V5, however that could have simply been because it feathered a little on the cheap paper I used, so we could almost call it a draw. The Pilot Penmanship was noticeably thinner than both and was just fractionally wider than the .38mm Signo, which again, could have been the paper, but probably less of an issue between these two pens compared to the V5 & 207 though. If I had to put a number to it, I'd say the Penmanship is approximately equal to a .4mm gel in width. Now all that said, let's talk about how it is to write with...on cheap paper, it felt scratchy, on nicer papers it smoothed out my regular journal, I wrote a full page without a single skip or scratch on the up-strokes, so I feel this pen is simply more susceptible to paper quality than some of the wider tips (which I guess make sense since the wider the tip, the more surface area the pen has to scroll over the minute imperfections in the surface of the paper itself).

If one is obsessive about tiny writing, I don't think you're going to find anything thinner than this nib...from what I've read in other reviews, it appears that this nib can be swapped onto a few of the other Pilot FPs (78, Prera, Plumix), but I don't know if it can go on any others. For $8, it's a heck of a deal! The screw-on cap is secure, but maybe slightly awkward to take on and off continuously, but at least it can post on the other end. Just wish there was a clip to hook onto the rings of a notebook!
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