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  I have used this pen..., November 8, 2011
I have used this pen for over two years as a waiter and it has never failed me on the job. I have had to replace the pen once due to my rough treatment of it, but faithfully bought the same model.
This pen can be used to write in any position, and does not clog or produce that blotchy gunk on paper when writing with it for the first time in a while (a problem common with cheap ballpoints). While I have never tested it completely submerged under water, it is very capable of writing on wet paper; very handy for waiters who haven't had time to dry their hands.
Aesthetically and ergonomically, it is a very practical design. The clip is perfect for clipping to notebooks and aprons, and it grips quite tightly. The knocker has a resistant click (from pressurizing the chamber) that may take time to get used to, but is in no way difficult to engage. The pen is rather short, so if you have big hands, be prepared to experience this issue.
Finally, be careful not to overtighten the tip when replacing the ink cartridge, as it is easy to strip the threads.
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