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   The Kuru Toga..., November 8, 2011
The Kuru Toga mechanical pencil is a love/hate type of pencil. If you do disassemble your pencils often, you will find that the Kuru Toga jams rather easily, and the Grip part is not removable; its a small inconvenience that shouldn't bother most people.

The grip is not that "grippy", rather " slippy" ( slippery), and always feels like the Kuru Toga will slide out of your hand. The only colour available for the 0.3mm Kuru Toga is baby blue, just not my cup of tea, I highly dislike the feminine color, however that's just me. If you use the Kuru Toga for extreme small handwriting, you will find that there is a small wobble in the tip, a little annoying. Also, if you have too soft of a lead, then the Kuru Toga's engine wont keep up, and you'll end up with a dull piece of lead. I'd recommend an HB or harder lead hardness, for your Kuru Toga's engine. Also I recommend the 0.3mm Uni-ball Hi-Density pencil lead. If you write in cursive, the engine doesn't rotate that frequently, reducing the effects of the Kuru Toga's engine.

As you always have a " sharp point " with the Kuru Toga, the pencil always feels a little bit scratchy ( The feeling when you start writing on the sharp edge of the lead ), however that's not too big of a problem for me. The tip on the Kuru Toga's engine does not retract, so forget about putting your Kuru Toga in your pockets.

For writing purposes, the Kuru Toga works well, however for drafting purposes (The Kuru Toga was not made for drafting) , you feel the wobble in the tip more, you could use it for drafting uses, but the engine wont rotate, meaning you'll rotate it yourself. I understand that most of the consumers of the Kuru Toga wont use it for drafting, so this paragraph should be meaningless for you.

If you press hard and advance the lead too much, then the rotating mechanism wont prevent you from breaking the lead.

Its actually easy to clear jams, @mmartir, to clear the jam just disassemble the tip, pulling the black part out ( Yank it out ) and remove the lead with a long thin needle ( Needle to clear jams ) and push the needle inside, taking the lead out. If you don't now how to clear the jams, the it'll be very frustrating to try because the Kuru Toga is not your average pencil. The eraser is good quality, however a bit small for my taste. I recommend block erasers for writing/drafting purposes. The clip works well & stays attached to whatever you attach it to.

Thank you Jet pens for your super quick shipping & delivery! Even with the basic shipping option it arrived to my house in Florida ( From California ) in less than 5 days!

- Omar
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