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  I first bought one of..., January 11, 2012
By stu...
I first bought one of these over 3 decades ago, and it has been the standard against which I have measured all other 0.5mm clutch-advance pencils. Plenty of other pencils have come and gone on my desk, but I still have a P205.

The P205 is a very good general-purpose pencil, plus I found it worked perfectly for drafting when I used to do that. It seems to fit in my hand really well, doesn't have a lot of extra bits and gizmos to get in the way, is _very_ durable, and it makes it easy to see the tip on the paper if you're drawing.

The only thing I'd say it isn't good for is putting in a pocket. It's long and pointy, and will put holes in your pockets or even you if you're not careful. (About the only pencil even less suited for a pocket is the Pentel PG5.) Yes, it has a clip, but I regard it as solely useful to keep the pencil from rolling off of a table or desk. I don't normally carry a pencil in my pocket, so I don't have any trouble with the P205 in this regard.

The P207 0.7mm and P209 0.9mm pencils are also very good, but I just prefer 0.5mm.

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