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  I can't describe how..., January 20, 2012
By ihofer
I can't describe how much I like this pen. I have very small writing (a friends once described it "like a mouse writing with a pushpin dipped in ink") and this pen allows me to have clearly defined, legible, letters with no smudging. The lines are thin and crisp without the pen feeling scratchy - a problem I've had with other micro-tip pens like the Sarasa.

It sits well in my hand, which pushes it over the Slicci in my opinion. Compared to the Signo, the Slicci feels too small and slightly cheap.

I've only had a few issues with this pen. Once the nib was bent at the tip, making it unusable. This is my fault for rough handling. It probably bent when I dropped it, or if I put it in a bag without recapping it. Secondly, one of my older pens doesn't lay down as clear a line as it used to. It still writes, but the letters look faded, like it isn't depositing enough ink.

Still, gorgeous pen, I highly recommend it in any colour.
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