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  I was disappointed. It..., June 12, 2008
I was disappointed. It looks so sleek and slim. I'd give it a full score for appearance.

This is an issue that I have with the Hi Tec line, but the tips seem to yield to pressure too easily. Writing with the Cavalier 0.4 pens, I've broken at least 2 tips just from dropping the pen on the floor by accident. Although, later I noticed that I've only ever dropped these by accident, and not other pens. Maybe because it is so heavy? Or maybe I only notice and remember dropping this one because it often results in a broken tip...

Plus, I have some kind of crisp, black line obsession that isn't satisfied by this pen. The lines produced by this pen are too fuzzy along the edges, and aren't carbon black.

But, for most of the world, this pen probably isn't all that bad.

At least the ink dries very quickly, so, Lefties: rejoice!
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