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  This is my first fountain..., February 3, 2012
This is my first fountain pen beyond the cheap Zebra ones.

The tip is super smooth and the flow is nice. It also looks really lovely, it's great to pull out at the counter and gets comments.

My first complaint is that it's super light; Lighter than most cheap disposables. The lack of any heft makes it feel cheap to me thought through when testing it out for two days it's quite sturdy

The biggest problem in my opinions is that it skips frequently (average once a sentence) when the tip hits the paper, sometimes almost for a whole letter, irregardless of the paper I use. From my moleskines, to the cheap printer paper in my office, to card stock it just keeps skipping. My Zebra didn't skip. I've tried increasing my pressure until the tip flexed and then going back to light gentle strokes and it still does it. This would be a 4 star pen if it wrote consistently but the constant skips ruin the whole experience for me.

I'll keep this around because it's portable, nice to show off, and is decent for a quick jot but I would not recommend this to a friend.
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