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  I own many different..., February 9, 2012
By vit...
I own many different mechanical pencils and I am a collector. I wanted to give the rotring 800 a try and I bought the 2.0 and the 0.5mm version, both in black color.

I have to say that the mp is solid and comfortable to use, if you love heavy writing staff like I do. The weight helps a lot in using a low force to write and draw nice black lines.

Anyway I can’t give more than 3 stars. Not because of the price, but because of the retractable tip. I love the idea but not how they made it. The tip seems to have a little of play, not very stable like other rotrings that I own. In the beginning I thought that it was a problem of my 0.5 so I made a video and sent it to other rotring 800 users that I found searching in ebay feedbacks. Most of them told me that they have the same “problem”. This is not something that you will easily notice when you write or draw, but from a rotring I expected more “stability”.

I am more then happy with the 2.0mm version, but I really don’t suggest to buy the 800 0.5 unless you can try it. I will not return it because, as I said, I am a collector, but if I had to decide what MP to buy I would go for a rapid pro or a 600.
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