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  Hello fellow JetPens..., February 11, 2012
Hello fellow JetPens visitors,
I've been using this fine nib'd Lamy Safari in charcoal black for about 4 years with the converter from JetPens using only Noodler's Bulletproof Black ink which I picked up here as well.

This pen has been my go-to pen for improving my writing and for almost every subject in college for these past 3-4 years. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fountain pens, as this pen never skips and never needs to be tempered in order to get it going. All you need to do is remove the cap and the ink flows if you have ink in it. Most reliable of all my fountain pens.

I'm writing this review now because I have seen this pen in the new Liam Neeson movie , The Grey, which is out in theaters now. I got excited and decided to get on here and check out the inventory again.

Buy this pen... do it.
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