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  I ordered this few weeks..., February 15, 2012
I ordered this few weeks ago, and started using it. And I must say, I love this eraser, more those convenient click erasers.
Let's start off by saying how i love the size of this eraser. Some people might think that it's too small, but to me it's like the perfect size. Why? because when you hold the erasers, it won't be so "blocky" (i srsly dont know the word T_T), like it doesn't block the space like those rectangular prism erasers *stares at the pentel and other erasers with a similar shape*. I like how it's a square prism block. the edges don't get dull that much, and it would still target the writing nicely. I hold the erasers between my index finger and the thumb, so it's really comfortable, and easily erase. The other blocky erasers you have to like use atleast 3 fingers to hold it in place (like having a grip of the eraser so it doesn't leave any mess while erasing); and tbh... it's annoying sometimes for me..
Secondly, the looks. I like how the eraser is black... not white... If it's white, i mean, the edges will get dirty and have to all dark stuffs around it, and I don't like that. This one, it's clean and simple. The eraser is soft and smooth, so for me, i feel comfortable holding it.
Third, the eraser's function in erasing. I've gotta say, it's wonderful. It leaves little dusts behind, and it doesnt give u those dark marks while erasing. The other block erasers that i;ve use, i've always had these long pieces of rubbers after erasing, and it's really annoying. With this eraser, even if i erase like a half a page of writing, there wouldn't be that much stuffs left behind. And when i blow it away, there arent any mess around the work place. And the other thing is, i must say that it looks very durable. I've been using it for a few weeks already, and the erasers doesn't seem to be like... shrunken... or something like that (i'm sorry i sux at using vocabs ><)

But overall, this eraser is a 5/5 for me. Perfect size, cute looking (yes cute...), soft, erasing function is amazing, and durable. I srsly love the size, I expect it to be like tiny or something, but ti's just the perfect size to hold and erase. ( I srsly can't get over how perfect the size this eraser is...)
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