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  I bought this pen because..., March 13, 2012
By ri8...
I bought this pen because I happen to write small. (Less than 1mm text height to put this into perspective.) It definitely does its job very well as a small writing pen. I use this for all my classes, from writing notes between lines and writing entire essays on 6 lines of wide ruled paper.

- The thin tip enables you to write thinner, smaller, and also in between lines.
- It also has excellent ink flow so you can write pretty fast with a pen this thin.

- It runs out of ink rather quickly. Buy lots of refills if you want this pen to last. In my opinion, it's a price I'm more than willing to pay to write this small.
- If the pen is dropped tip first, it may start to bleed out ink. Not only will that make your line thicker than 0.18mm, it will waste ink as you write.

As a side note, if you lend these pens out to other people, tell them not to write on their hands if they are heavy handed. (They’ll cut themselves.) Also, some students (AP students in particular) may want to buy these pens from you. Either redirect them to this website or buy some extra to give away or sell.
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