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  worth the money? not..., March 18, 2012
worth the money? not sure. I purchased the Kaweco special a week ago from another supplier and have some time using it. don't get me wrong, it's a nice lead holder, and functions just as intended. It has nice weight to it, balanced and looks sleek. like a caran dache fixpencils older brother. the issue i have with it is it's size. it's about as thick as a platinum pro-use II which works great for a mechanical pencil, but not so great for a lead holder. trying to sharpen it can be a chore. you'll have to push out a lot of lead in order to use a standard rotary lead pointer, and you have to be extremely carefully not to snap your lead as you sharpen because of how far you have to extend the lead in order to reach the blades. you can give the tiny uni lead pointer a try, but that thing is more of a novelty than a reliable sharpening tool. this might not be a deterring factor for some, but if your an artist, you want to be focused on what your drawing, and not on trying to sharpen your pencil. Ive found myself distracted and taking time away from my work simply trying to sharpen this thing.

I'll say it again, it's a nice pencil, sleek balanced and comfortable, but all that doesn't matter much when it can be a chore to use. if you like a larger sized lead holder, then this might be the one for you. if your looking for a nice balanced lead holder you can reach for and sharpen without thinking about, then you might want pass this one by and look at another model. i'll be trying the rotring rapid pro next, which jet pens assures me will fit into a standard rotary lead pointer. i'll have to wait and see for myself once it arrives.
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