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  I always have to keep..., March 21, 2012
By zep...
I always have to keep a good stock of these with me.

I write in a fairly small script and interchangeably in English and Japanese, so a reliable 0.5 mm like this is a must. I actually picked up my first one of these in Japan and when I got back to the states I couldn't find them anywhere, so I was lucky to find this site.

This pen is perfect for small pads of paper and journals. I'm usually pretty rough with these things, but they hardly ever gunk (just clean up the tip if it does), and the tips are pretty sturdy. However, you'll want to avoid using this pen on a single sheet of paper, or on a hard or rough surface because the tip will break after a while. You'll notice when it does because the writing will start to get scratchy and the flow will thin up and become streaky. Since the entire pen is plastic, those'll break after a while too, but like I said I'm pretty rough with them and on average, a pen lasts me 3-5 refills.

High durability and long life for its price range.
0.5mm tip with reliable flow (perfect for journals, scribbles, small notes, writing in Japanese).

If you're going to be working more with thin pieces of paper without any backing (writing on receipts etc.) keep a 0.7 or 1.0mm roller or gel handy so you don't run down the life of your pen tip.
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