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  My wife ordered one of..., March 22, 2012
By 11xray
My wife ordered one of these for me for Valentine's Day (unfortunately not from Jet Pens since they didn't carry them at the time). It arrived in a nice metal tin which was protected by a cardboard sleeve. The tin was a nice bonus as it will actually hold two pencils for pens and makes a nice carrying case.

The pencil itself has rapidly become my go to pencil for daily writing. It is a very well made, attractive pencil. everything except for the lead tube appears to be made of metal. The octagon design is reminiscent of wooden pencils and prevents it from annoyingly rolling off my desk as some of my other pencils do.

The lead advances a little further than I would like on a single click but personal preference will vary. It writes very smoothly. I tend to break a lot of lead with every pencil I use but it doesn't happen often with this pencil. (I wish Jet Pens would consider carrying Kaweco lead as I've been impressed by the quality of the lead that came in the pencil.)

If you are unfamiliar with Kaweco it is a German company that dates from 1883 that was revived in the 1990s. Kaweco designs have an authentic "retro" look and feel to me (much more so than other brands that seem to attempt similar styles). This is not an inexpensive pencil and it probably wouldn't be suitable for drafting but for an elegant, retro style everyday writer, you can't go wrong with a Kaweco Special.

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