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  Best pencil case ever!..., March 23, 2012
Best pencil case ever!

The inside is not as red as it seems in the info pictures. It's more of a true orange, just very vivid. The front and back panels are slightly cushioned as well as the middle panel. Nice touch.

This case holds a lot! In the large compartment I keep 8 gelly rolls, 6 pens, 2 highlighters, and there's room for I'd guess 6-10 more pens. In the front long compartment I keep my more frequently used pens. I keep 4 in there but you could fit 5 maybe 6 if the pens are small. In front of that, I keep two lip glosses which easily fit even with all my other pens in there. The tiny little compartment I keep a chapstick in. The compartment is about 1/2 inch wider than a chapstick is long so it is bigger than I thought it would be.

For my uses, this case is great. I like having a big section where I keep my color pens and highlighters while keeping my most commonly-used pens in the front smaller section. The front tiny little pocket is not essential but super nice to have and just so cute!

I really love the grey color of this case. It's not a blue-based grey but more of a brown-based grey. (To most people, it's probably just "grey" though. =P ) This case is very good quality and I look forward to writing a new review after this has been lugged in my bag for a while. But, being a Nomad product, I'm sure it'll hold up nicely.
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