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  I bought a pack of these..., April 12, 2012
By amj...
I bought a pack of these a few months ago, and I love them. The paper is very smooth and is really good with my fountain pens and gel-pens. I have Frixion pens as well and those perform really well on this paper. Originally I only wanted to use them for physics but then I also ended up using them for math and chemistry. Obviously I ran out pretty quickly. I ordered another pack today and can't wait for them to arrive.
The only negative thing I can say about these notebooks is that there aren't enough pages in them. There are only thirty per notebook, but they're such good notebooks in every other way that I'm more then willing to let that slide. And on the plus side, it means you get a real feeling of achievement when you fill them up. I could never fill up my old 100 page notebooks.

+Nice bright colors.
+fountain pen and gel-pen friendly paper.
+Great for math, physics and chemistry. (Also for the occasional doodle)
+The dot design obviously. Even the messiest person on Earth will be able to organize their homework in these.
+You will want to use them for everything.

-Only thirty pages per notebook.
-The cover is a medium card stock so it could feel a little flimsy to some, I only used it on tables, so I had no problems.

Warning! For those of us who like to write with wide lines and big letters, and for those of us who like to write really really small. There are 2 versions of these, one has 6 millimeter(0.24 inches) line height and the other has 7 millimeter(0.28 inches) line height. Make sure you know which is which.
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