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  Beautiful color, erases..., May 7, 2012
Beautiful color, erases much better than a colored pencil.

The color is a beautiful sapphire blue, dense yet not very intense.

For those of us that use it for writing instead of for drawing: the writing looks gorgeous but it is a bit on the light side, prolonged reading could strain the eyes.

Without having tried more colored lead offerings, I don't know if I can reasonably ask for a darker lead. But I do wish the lines have more contrast from the paper.

About erasure:
[Note: I tried on line paper and photocopy paper, the following comments may not apply to other medium]
Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser (available on jetpens) erases writing and lines pretty well. If the line is done with so much pressure that leaves indent on paper, erasure will take a lot of pressure. Shading takes more effort to remove but compare to normal color pencil (I tried Stabilo Greencolors and Staedtler Noris Club) the trace is minimal.
Did not notice smudge.
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