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  I was skeptical of how..., May 8, 2012
By thu...
I was skeptical of how well this pencil would work, but mine arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT. Before I even wrote anything, I found that I really like the grip. I hold my pencils pretty close to the point, so most pencils' rubber grips are way too far from the tip and too fat to write comfortably. This pencil's barrel is a good diameter, and it's grooved but smooth. The orange ring near the point is soft rubber so your fingers don't slide off. This design is perfect for me.

The rotating lead thing is really nice. My line stays a consistent thickness, which isn't really an issue for me to begin with, but I like that every time I touch the pencil to paper, it *feels* the same. With other pencils, depending on whether you start writing on the "flat" part of your lead or the "sharp" part of your lead, it feels different. But this pencil feels the same every time. So cool!

Also, the design is really attractive. Even though the body is plastic, it looks expensive. The pencil feels really sturdy, and doesn't rattle or flex the way some cheap pencils do.

This is by far my favorite pencil (I think I have over a dozen now from Jetpens).
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