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  Notebook does not have..., May 11, 2012
By mis...
Notebook does not have a very sturdy front or back cover. That is not evident from the pictures or descriptions here, so be aware of that detail if you are expecting a harder cover than the other Campus notebooks. This notebook's covers are very thin cardstock, they are laminated (but not too shiny) and just a little but sturdier than the avearge magazine cover. Also, the thin plastic overlay (that most Kokuyo Campus Pre-Dotted Twin Ring notebooks have on the front) is not included on this "Route to the Top" version.
Everything else--the paper, the dotted-style 6mm ruled lines, and the size (B5) are of the same high-quality construction you expect from Kokuyo's products. I would not expect it to last very long in the typical student's bag among heavy textbooks, or with any kind of rough treatment; those thin covers might tear! But its okay if you're just keeping it on your desk at home, which I am.
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