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  Jetpens offers a wonderful..., May 19, 2012
Jetpens offers a wonderful array of highlighters to choose from. I have had the pleasure of using every single one (to date except for the new Monami they added this week which is what I am ordering now) and love most of them. The Tombow Kay coat happen to be my least favorite. While I understand why some people will love them for nice color selection or even the quality of ink and the decent flow they produce. But the aspect I dislike about them can't make up for their positive qualities in my opinion. The tips are surrounded by metal to reinforce them I guess but it makes it so you have to be at a very precise angle in order to make a decent line. It makes it very challenging to enjoy using.

One of the great things about these highlighters is they are refillable. Jetpens does not carry the charging stations as of now and I am not sure if they ever will but they are out there. If you are familiar with the Staedtler Textsurfer refilling sysetm they sell on this site it is very similar to that. While I am not suggesting you should purchase other items from a competitor that Jetpens carries I do think it is ethical to suggest Writers Bloc as the store you can get refills to these highlighters. I am also OK suggesting that here becasue you would be crazy to buy anything else from there due ti their outrageous shipping charges, limited choice in products, and delayed shipping times. All of which Jetpens does perfectly. However you can at least use them to get your refill stations.
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