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  Finally a correction..., May 23, 2012
Finally a correction tape that you can count on. This is the first of its kind that I have had no problems with, the first to be able to use the full reel of tape. I have had no problems with it twisting, unwinding, or simply not working. It is the first that is easy to guide and comes out with ease. I was expecting the worst (or at least the same as the others I have used, which happens to be many) and was delivered the best. The tape stays down and holds up well writing over it. I have not tried pencil but all types, brands, styles, colors, and sizes of pen, have been no problem.

If you use correction tape then you will not want to wait any longer before ordering this product. I can assure you there is non-other like it on the market (at least in the US) I have tried every style from the leading brands as well as all of the generic office supply store brands, and obviously I have tried all of the other brands jet pens offers. I will say it is not as cute as the birdie but it works much better.
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