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  Foxy leadholder for drawing ..., June 13, 2012
Foxy leadholder for drawing

I own the 925 25 2mm holder, which differs in style and purpose.
*I enjoy the Kaweco more for drawing, due to the thick body and long, tapered nose. The angle of the taper allows for unhindered gesture drawing (holding the pencil at a 30-degree angle to the paper, utilizing the flat edge of your lead), as opposed to the 925, whose relatively more blunt nose can scratch against your paper.
*The grip is nice, a soft, black finish that, while lacking in texture, keeps the pencil in my sweaty hands without issue. In fact the wide body and lack of raspy metal grip makes long drawing sessions a pleasure.
*Just like any other drafiting/drawing pencil... Do not drop this! I dropped mine on a concrete floor, and the nose/ sleeve dented, preventing the lead from advancing and the end cap came loose. It was fixed with some creative use of pliers and metal clips--easily enough, though a little stressful.
*Bang! Excellent pencil for drawing!
*Boom! Expensive! Most folks will never understand!
But worth it.
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