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  This is a beatiful pen..., June 18, 2012
By bwp...
This is a beatiful pen with a great feel. The bamboo body feels really sleek and a little bit decadent. However, the one that I purchased may have had a flaw or it could be an oversight in the design. The gold band at the end of the cap has a very sharp edge on it. Normally this should be perfectly flush with the bamboo material beneath it so that you would not be able to feel the edge of the brass band. But this was very uncomfortable as it lay directly against the skin below the knuckle of my index finger and actually left a scratch. I took the cap to my shop and burnished the sharp exposed edge agains a granite slab and made it quite smooth. It's much better now. Besides that, I feel the cap is very heavy campared to the body of the pen and if I did not hold on, the pen pen would fall backwards out of my hand. I found it better if I write without the cap attached. The point is a little too fine for me but if you like a really fine line, this is a good pen. I give it a thumbs up on beauty and onlt a "fair" in over-performance.
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