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  The uni-ball Signo bit..., August 28, 2008
The uni-ball Signo bit is indeed the world's thinnest pen. It is however not an everyday sort of pen. The nib is just too fine. Wider nibbed versions of this pen may be better suited for everyday writing, but I do not have any experience with any other Signo bit other than the 0.18mm version. The pen is rather persnickety. It of course drags the worst of any gel pen I've ever used due to it's tiny nib. It also takes this pen a bit to "warm up". It seems to right better after have written a few words but once it gets started it seems to write well. The sizing on the paper also plays a factor here, as it does with every gel pen. The more porous the paper, to a degree, the better the bit seems to write.

For a "stick pen" the bit is a bit short. When writing the end of the cap rests in the upper part of the web of my hand. I don't like the feel of that. The rubber and ribbed grip area is alright, affording me a good grip. Lastly the ink supply seems to me to be a little shy. Overall the bit is a nice little novelty pen but not a very good every day pen, at least in the 0.18mm size.
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