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  This is definitely a..., July 4, 2012
By ric...
This is definitely a "sleeper" Gel ink refill. It's quite good, and is IMO better than the Pilot G2's 0.7 refills, and probably better than the Uni ones too. Writes really smooth, with bold lines and no blobs/white spaces. The one big issue is that JetPens can't seem to keep the pen bodies in stock. I don't blame them (suppliers sometimes can't supply demand) but for US residents with a "Target" nearby I've found a solution. Go to the pen section and look for the PenTel Roller Gel "EnerGel Deluxe Gel Pens." For less than $4 US you'll get 2 very nice pen bodies, and 2 LRN-7 (PenTel's Needle Tip 0.7 Gel) refills! These LR7s fit just fine!
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