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By les...
I bought this pen and the Platinum Carbon back in January 2012. Love both pens for slight differences. And for their great price I was able to buy both.
My complaint is that when I received my new, second Sailor today I noticed that it looked a little different than the one that I bought in January. After I compared it the the two I see that the nib and nib casing are completely different. The body looks the same to the naked eye but the cap fits differently.
This new pen is scratchy and the nib is stiffer than the one that I bought in January. I will continue to work at breaking this one in, though I don't remember having to "break-in" the older one. It's still a nice product, but if I'd have bought this version first I may have never bought a second one.
I read all the reviews and no one has seemed to notice this idiosyncrasy. So I write this mostly for those of you who are purchasing a second or third pen and expecting the old version.
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