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  This pen is not for everyone,..., July 19, 2012
This pen is not for everyone, but I love to draw with it. I use it to lay down my first reference lines in my pen and ink portraits. I also use it for very light cross hatched shading. It is as think as a very thin Rapidograph. I prefer to take this out with me sketching than the Rapidograph because if it breaks or is stolen I'm not losing a $15 pen.

I'd like a thicker more comfortable body for this pen. The body and grip area are very thin so I find myself reaching for thicker pens. I keep trying to jam this into other pen bodies, eventually i'll find a thicker one that it fits into.

If you are looking for a pen that will be good fro sketching out in the wild and don't want to take your more expensive rapidograph with you, this is a great pen to do it. The ink is a nice cool black, and different from the other Uniball micro tip pens but like the rest absolutely waterproof when dry. It also dries VERY fast.

I love this pen so much I just bought 3 refills for it.
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