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  I was really excited..., July 19, 2012
By mai...
I was really excited at first to get this pencil. It seemed to be everything everyone said about it....solid, well made...a precision writing instrument. However, I soon noticed a little looseness between the barrel and the grip. No big deal. I just gave it a little twist and tightened it. A couple weeks later, the play returned. Tightened it again. An hour ago, it happened again. This time when I tightened it, the barrel failed to cinch down and just kept spinning. I thought that maybe I had overdone it and stripped the threads.

Upon removing the barrel, I noticed that inside of the barrel, there are no threads cut!!!! There are threads on the actual inner mechanism that the barrel and the grip mate with...but there are no threads inside of the barrel. Closer inspection revealed that the barrel was being held in place with glue as I could see the dried residue.

Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed with this. I love everything else about this pencil. But it's very tough for me to give it an A+ rating on quality when it obviously has a serious problem that was "jury rigged" as a fix. I really hope this was just a problem on the manufacturer's end with my particular pencil and not indicative of their overall design. I want to love this pencil because other than this problem, it is a very well made pencil.
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